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Carotid Artery Disease

The carotid artery is responsible for supplying blood to your brain and face. It is the large artery you can feel pulsing underneath your jaw on both sides of your neck. Carotid artery disease is caused by the buildup of fat, cholesterol, and plaque material within the vessel known as atherosclerosis. These plaque deposits create narrowing’s or blockages which overtime can lead to reduced blood flow to the brain and face. There is always the concerning possibility that the plaque can break off and travel through the blood vessels within the brain which can cause a sudden lack of blood supply or stroke.

Here at Sonoran Vein and Endovascular we perform both physical and diagnostic screenings for carotid disease, as well as, continued surveillance of existing disease. Accredited by the American College of Radiology, we provide non-invasive in-office diagnostic testing by a certified vascular technician utilizing state of the art equipment. Diagnostic testing is performed at both our Scottsdale and Peoria office locations which serve all patients within the Valley, from Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa and Chandler.

We are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of carotid disease. However, no matter what your vascular concerns may be, here at Sonoran Vein and Endovascular we can ensure you that you are being provided with the best care possible while being treated by one of the top vascular physicians in Phoenix. Whether you are experiencing symptoms, that seem concerning to you, or have already received a diagnosis and are now looking for the best treatment options, we are here for you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation please feel free to contact us at either of our Phoenix valley locations.


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