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Here at Sonoran Vein and Endovascular, our preferred method of treatment for spider veins is Sclerotherapy. Phoenix has one of the top Vascular Doctors performing this procedure in both our Scottsdale and Peoria locations. Sclerotherapy is the least invasive procedure that injects a sclerosing solution into the problematic blood vessels. By doing so, the vein will immediately shrink and over the course of a few weeks will completely dissolve as the body naturally absorbs the treated vein. This treatment can be used on both spider and varicose veins as well as other venous malformations. Phoenix has one of the top vascular surgeons, Dr. Nye, operating at both our conveniently located Phoenix Vein centers.

Our Phoenix Vein Center has everything you will need for your procedure. Sclerotherapy begins with an ultrasound of the venous malformation, with which our Top Vascular Phoenix Doctor will be able to visualize the underlying problematic vein so he can perform the injection while monitoring the procedure.
Phoenix Vein Treatment is held to the highest standard, so we guarantee the procedure will be minimally invasive with little to no pain and a short recovery period.

If you have any questions about this procedure, or to see if it is the correct method of treatment for you, please feel free to contact vein treatment center in Phoenix at either our Peoria or Scottsdale locations. No matter where you are located, Glendale, Sun City, Tempe, Paradise Valley or Phoenix, our Top Vascular Doctor and our team of highly trained staff will do everything we can to get you in for a consultation so we can begin your journey to beautiful, healthy veins.

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