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Varicose Veins Phoenix

Varicose Veins Phoenix
Treatment for varicose veins Phoenix starts with a free vein screening at Sonoran Vein and Endovascular. Call us for an appointment or fill out the online form to get started. Dr. D'Souza can make a complete evaluation of your condition for the best type of treatment like VNUS closure procedures.

Varicose Veins Phoenix is very common with the elderly, but middle-aged people and even young adults are also prone to developing this condition, too. Due to weakened valves, the flow of blood is disrupted, thus causing twisted or enlarged veins or what we call varicose veins. People who are overweight or women who are pregnant are more likely to develop varicose veins, especially on the legs, due to the pressure given on the leg veins. This is also true for workers who have to stand or sit at long intervals.
At first varicose veins may seem just a mild irritation, itching over veins, aching and burning sensations, or even swelling of the feet. But if not treated properly and at once, this could lead to more serious problems. Some of the more serious symptoms for varicose veins include skin discoloration or scaling, leg swelling, and calf pain. Don’t wait for your veins to rupture before you seek medical treatment. At Sonoran Vein and Endovascular, free vein screening is offered to patients. You can fill up the online form to get a questionnaire or you can directly call the clinic at 602-374-4101. 
If you have Varicose Veins Phoenix, you can simply visit the clinic at West Union Hills Drive Peoria, Arizona. The dedicated professional staff will be helpful and can offer comprehensive cardiovascular care. Founded by in-house doctor, Dr. D’Souza, Sonoran Vein and Endovascular aims to provide progressive surgery services for both Vascular and Endovascular diseases. The clinic boasts modern facilities and utilizes cutting-edge equipment. 

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