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Outpatient Recovery Bakersfield

Outpatient Recovery Bakersfield

Are you looking for the best drug and alcohol rehab near me? Are you searching for Outpatient Recovery in Bakersfield? Here is how your recovery will look like.

Although each case and patients are different, you can find some standard treatment phases that any intensive outpatient addiction treatment goes through.

Even when it is not easy to establish a protocol of the phases of treatment with specific times, the average duration of treatment stands around three to five years, with a follow-up that we recommend to be carried out throughout life.

Treatment Stages:

1. Admission

This, as any first step, could be the hardest to some and the easiest to others. It is carried out through an admission process in a specialized clinic. Our team from Advanced Recovery Center will meet with you alone or with your family or other persons of your choice to accompany you during this process. We will assess your situation and your requests. 

This interview aims to determine the feasibility of residential or outpatient rehab treatment, always adapted to your situation and needs. This interview is conducted by a psychotherapist expert of our team (Psychologist, Doctor, or D.U.E).

Once your situation has been assessed, we will decide with you where and how to carry out the treatment. And this will be done at our substance abuse treatment center.

2 and 3. Detoxification and Rehabilitation

During these two phases of the outpatient recovery, the treatment continues on an outpatient basis at our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions. 

Once the situation has been assessed concerning your addiction, medical, psychological, and social intervention is proposed. If necessary, drugs will be used during this phase to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

This is the only phase of the outpatient recovery, where inpatient treatment makes it easier for the detoxification to be completed successfully.

During this time, you will receive personalized follow-up and care. You will be accompanied all the time and have a person in charge of your medication and further special care.

This is a time to be moved away from any consumption environment, making it easier for you to focus on achieving your goals. 

Also, daily group therapy will be part of this stage. You will start a very disciplined routine, avoiding places, people, and situations that may be dangerous for maintaining your abstinence. In short, habits will be changed, which will lead to behavior changes.

4. Reinsertion

Little by little, you will resume your normal activities. You will continue to attend group therapies and recover personal, social and work skills lost or not developed due to the addiction.

In this phase, you will put into practice the therapeutic objectives achieved in the previous stages. You will work to achieve new goals at family, social, and work levels. You will gradually normalize your relationship with your family, social, and work. Starting to go out alone, handle money, start a job, always taking into account your particular situation will be part of this stage.

5. Follow-up

At this stage of your outpatient recovery, you will continue with medical and family psychological care to ensure your long-term sobriety. Our dedicated team will create an action plan to gradually leave contact with the treatment until you are definitively discharged. 

Although it takes a lot of time and effort to get to this stage, when you get here, we are sure that you will report feelings of satisfaction and self-esteem as your internal efforts were worthwhile after all.

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Outpatient Recovery Bakersfield
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