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Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

Seeking help from an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County can help you break free from substance addiction and regain control over your emotions, career, and relationships. Sober Partners offers a comfortable, safe, and calming environment that promotes healing and recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

Is inpatient rehab right for me?

Inpatient or residential drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, provides targeted treatment to those battling a moderate to severe addiction disorder. Inpatient treatment ensures personalized care and may be the ideal treatment for you if:

  • You suffer from long-term substance abuse disorders.
  • You can take time off from job, school, or family commitments for 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • You desire to take a break from your everyday life to focus on healing and recovery.
  • You possess valid insurance to meet the cost of inpatient drug rehab in Orange County or have the funds to pay out of the pocket.
  • You have relapsed in the past after addiction treatment.

We are one of the top-rated inpatient Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers with affordable and highly effective residential treatment programs. Speak to the admissions officer at a rehab near you to determine the best type of treatment for you.

Signs that warn the need for inpatient treatment

It can be hard to recognize alcoholism, especially in its early phases. However, the sooner you accept and understand your addiction disorder, the quicker you can seek help and heal from alcohol abuse. Here are a few signs warning of the presence of an alcohol abuse disorder:

  • You consume alcohol in large quantities to feel a buzz.
  • Your body develops tolerance to alcohol, causing you to consume it in increasingly larger quantities.
  • You feel the urge to consume alcohol more frequently.
  • You experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when you refrain from alcohol consumption for several hours.
  • You choose alcohol consumption over spending time with friends and family or attending social events or gatherings.
  • Facing issues at work for tardiness, absenteeism, or poor performance.
  • You experience legal problems, financial troubles and get into tiffs with loved ones.

In case of experiencing any of these signs, it is pivotal that you seek help from one of the detox facilities in Newport Beach at the earliest. Our treatment centers in Newport Beach can help you get sober using a combination of individual and group therapies, counseling, and evidence-based programs.

Benefits of inpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment or residential treatment refers to receiving support and care for substance abuse disorders in an enclosed, safe, and supportive environment for 30 – 90 days. Some of the benefits of inpatient treatment include:

  • It can help you take time off from your everyday life and heal and recover in a serene and calming environment.
  • It offers an immersive healing experience and improves your chances of attaining a safe and speedy recovery.
  • Inpatient rehab fosters peer support among the recovering addicts, strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term.

Call us now at 844-262-8701 to join our inpatient drug rehab in Orange County. Sober Partners is a reputed residential treatment center with several positive reviews, hundreds of success stories, excellent alumni care programs, and the lowest relapse rates. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County
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Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County
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